Gibson Parafin

Gibson Parafin Turkey has reached over 300 active customers in Turkey and is the undisputable market leader in Turkey with over % 70 market share .

Gibson Parafin by year 2008 is exporting to textile companies worldwide such as Egypt , Syria , Iran , UK, Marocco, France, Spain, Pakistan, İndia , New Zealand, Portugal , Greece, Slovenia, Italy , Germany ; Austria , Poland , Mexico , Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and so on.

We are using top quality import materials and additives in our production free-of hazardous chemicals .

Our wax rings are packed into special 10 kgs cartons and shipped out on standard industrial palets with dimensions ( W x L x H ) 1.0 x 1.2 x 1.2 meters weighing 500 kgs per palet for full logistics benefits.

Our factory laboratory continiously calculates the friction coefficient of different yarns on world standard Zweigle test equipments in order to reach optimum waxing and standard friction coefficient for each and every customer and according to their specific manufacturing conditions.

Our customers; especially main exporting customers are using Gibson products in full faith thanks to our commitment to maintain standard quality process .

Gibson parafin is providing the friction coefficient tests of Gibson waxed yarns free-of-charge to its customers. In return, hand in hand we ; with our customers; create the optimum and spesific wax specs according to the customers’ manufacturing environment, heat stability, dust prevention, humidity control , end - use, type of yarn , expected life cyle , machine type and many more.

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