Yarn Waxing


The paraffin - wax used as a base for our products has been refined in a particular way, so as to obtain the required homogeneity for correct use in the textile industry. The products all have a very crystalline structure, which enables better dispersion in and on the threads, thus improving the quality of wax deposit.
The additives are either made from petroleum or have been obtained by synthesis or distillation.
All of these products are chemically inert.
The dyes used to distinguish between the different types have no influence whatsoever on the use of the product due to their composition and weak concertration.
All our products can be used in manufacturing on condition that;
1. the ambient temperature and humidity conditions are complied with and are relatively stable
2. friction test are carried out after manufacture in order to enable to correct any variations which may be necessary on condition that the type of wax originally used was the most suited to that particular purpose.

The list of products we propose should not be considered as final as new parameters or changes in manufacturing conditions make it necessary to develop constantly new products.
Where specific and legitimate waxing problems do occur we are of course open to carry out research on new specially adapted products, in corporation with our customers, providing that we are informed of all the different factors giving to the problems in question and also that we are given the possibility of carrying out certain tests ourselves(thread surface conditions etc..)

All of our products references are the result of specific industrial test productions carried out by certain of our customer under their own manufacturing conditions. Any products which after testing do not correspond to the required specifications (preparation and use of thread, elimination of waxing products, etc..) are either modified or rejected.
Our paraffin- wax products are supplied in rings ( our manufacturing process prevents any risk of shrinkage and produces perfectly homogeneous wax).

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