Wax Rings Specifications

General Information

Wax Disc Types 
The information contained herewith is to the best of our knowledge correct and based on our many years experience. It is as the title suggests General Information given as a guide, but does not constitute a specification which is readily available. We are always pleased to offer advice or recommendations on request.
The waxes depicted here are our most popular types and refer to seven different ranges.
Each range has waxes of a similar formulation with approximately the same melting characteristics but a wide variation in hardness or softness consistency within the range, referred to as a Penetration value. This is given as a number and the lower number, the harder the wax.
By this system you are able to choose a suitable wax from a range, and after trying it, indicate an alternative from the range if necessary, in order to give a higher or lower wax pickup on the yarn.

Our other products

Cotton System
Woollen System
Worsted System
Semi-worsted System

The depth in 1/10th/mms to which a special needle will penetrate a wax at 25c for 5 seconds when the needle is weighted to 100 grammes. The lower the stated number, the harder the wax.

Melting Point:
In the laboratory we use many ways to test the melting point of waxes and each method produces a different result. The drop melting point stated in the information is one method we use. It is a quick method with good reproduction.

Gibson Wax Rings are used in following 
types of yarn manufacturing:

Cotton Yarns,
Acrylic Yarns,
Viscose Yarns, 
Hybrid Melange Yarns,
Wool Yarns,
Fantasy Yarns,
Polyester Yarns .

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